Adding cellular interfaces to old elevator phone rooms.

telephone room and Mobile Connect 2 interface

Time to replace your outdated elevator phone line?

It doesn’t matter how old your elevator phone system is, our Mobile Connect 2 cellular interface will connect quickly and easily to your existing telecom punchdown block.

With major telephone service providers cutting copper connections or charging ultra-premium rates for the outdated service, now is a great time to make the switch for your costly elevator phone, and Destra Business Services has just the solution.

Our cellular solution, the Mobile Connect 2, connects directly to your elevator’s existing phone equipment making the switch to cellular both cost-effective and relatively easy. But how does it work?

How to switch from copper to cellular for your emergency elevator phone?

Connecting cellular to your punchdown block.

phone terminal block from a typical building including elevator phone lines
Telecom punchdown block for copper lines

The technology behind the Mobile Connect 2 allows buildings with existing copper wiring to connect to a cellular service provider, right at the punchdown block.

As you can see from the image on the left, a building’s copper telecom terminal can be a confusing mess of color-coded wires.

Not only is your elevator phone line in there but so are the lines to each apartment and/or office in the building.

Even if you have limited to no cellular service in your elevator phone room the cellular interface’s antenna can be placed just about anywhere. Proper antenna placement allows for strong signals and great service in even the tallest high-rise buildings.

Once we complete wiring the Mobile Connect 2 into your punchdown block and configure your line, your emergency elevator phone will be code-compliant and your elevator passengers will be able to use any internet-enabled features your elevator equipment has installed.

Before you make the switch to cellular for your emergency elevator phone

It’s important to determine if you have an active contract with your current phone service provider. If so, check the terms of the contract to see if there are any early termination fees or other penalties for canceling service early.