Copper elevator phone line retirement is imminent

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Elevator phone owners take note: The days of the copper phone line are quickly coming to an end.

Once ubiquitous in homes and businesses worldwide, the copper phone line is being phased out. In recent years, newer technologies such as fiber optics and cellular networks have been taking their place. As these new technologies become increasingly reliable and affordable, more and more service providers are abandoning traditional copper phone lines in favor of newer, faster, and more reliable options. This is true for elevator phone lines, too.

This transition has many benefits, including higher connection speeds, better reliability, and even lower costs. For those still relying on copper elevator phone lines, it is time to start looking at replacement options. With the right choice, you can ensure that your home or business elevator remains code compliant.

Copper elevator phone line retirement is imminent, meaning that homes and businesses that use copper-based phone lines in their elevators will soon need to upgrade.

The retirement of copper commercial and residential services is because copper lines are becoming increasingly outdated and cannot keep up with the speed and reliability of modern telecommunications systems. The new systems are faster, more reliable, and more secure. Upgraded phone lines for elevators will also be compatible with the latest cellular technologies, allowing for better communication between elevators, the lobby desk, and emergency services.

Additionally, when upgraded to our Mobile Connect 2 service, elevator phone lines are up to 60% cheaper and are easier to maintain, helping to reduce overhead costs and downtime. Businesses and organizations should begin planning for their upgrades as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

The upgrade process is relatively quick, so schedule a consultation with a DBS sales representative. The DBS representative will provide advice on services and equipment. After the installation is complete, the new phone line will be ready for use by your elevator passengers and comply with all applicable elevator codes.

How does the elevator phone upgrade work?

Upgrading an elevator phone line from a traditional copper line to a cellular connection is a relatively straightforward process. The first step is to have our qualified technician install The Mobile Connect 2 (a type of cellular modem) in your elevator phone room. This modem will be used to connect the elevator phone line to the cellular network. Once the modem is installed, our technician can set up the phone line to use the cellular network. This will require configuring the modem and connecting the phone line to the modem. Once all of the steps are completed, the elevator phone line will be able to use the cellular network instead of the old copper line. The upgrade should take one to two hours and will provide a more reliable connection than the old copper line your elevator is currently using.