Much like in an elevator, 2-way communication is required in all refuge points.

DBS elevator landline to cellular emergency phone conversions
Mobile Connect 2
Copper to Cellular Gateway

Our Mobile Connect 2, copper-to-cellular gateway, is the perfect choice for building owners looking to cut the cord and use their existing phone equipment in their safe rooms and other areas of refuge.

Not only is our cellular service more reliable in an emergency than copper service (POTS), but it also allows for additional means of communication via video, text, and data.

At $39 per month, our cellular gateway service is affordable, quick to install, and compatible with all existing emergency phone equipment! The Mobile Connect 2 is compliant with all elevator codes, including 2023 ASME and ADA requirements!

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What is an Area of Refuge?

An area of refuge (or safe room/refuge point) is a place inside a building designated to hold occupants during emergencies when evacuation is not safe or possible. It is a safe space to wait until the situation is resolved.

Refuge points are designated areas on the floors of multi-story buildings where individuals who may need assistance are to wait for help during emergencies.

Some requirements for an area of refuge or refuge point in a multi-story building include:

• Two-way voice communication system
• ADA Accessible
• Be next to an emergency exit
• Signs to indicate where to go for shelter
• A fire/smoke barrier
• Fresh air intake
• Emergency lighting (in case of power outages)
• Be large enough for wheelchairs

The minimum size for an area of refuge is complicated; based on your building size, the number of occupants, and net floor area. This sizing provides enough space for a wheelchair to maneuver. The wheelchair space should not reduce the width of the escape route or obstruct the flow of people escaping.

Areas of Refuge, Refuge Points, and Safe Rooms cater to a diverse range of individuals during emergencies, including those unable to access a safe escape route, individuals assisting others hindered from escaping, sick individuals, people with disabilities, the elderly, very young children, infants, as well as operators in critical facilities like key military installations, and high-security prisons, where uninterrupted function is paramount.

Why you should consider an upgrade to your emergency phone line?

reliable and low cost elevator phone service

You can save up to 60% on your emergency phone by switching to our Mobile Connect 2 service.

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Mobile Connect 2 Elevator & Emergency Phone Line

Installation is quick; our DBS techs service all of Southern California, plus..

  • Low Cost

    $39 per month, far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline

  • Reliable

    More reliable in emergency situations than POTS

  • Compatible

    Our Mobile Connect 2 is compatible with all existing elevator phones

  • Compliant

    Confirms to all ASME & ADA regulations.

  • Experience

    Help support a better elevator experience for your passengers by adopting cellular technology for your emergency phone

Lifetime warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 when service is retained through DBS*