Destra Business Services (DBS) is the premiere elevator phone line conversion specialist in Southern California.

Our elevator phone service areas include Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Ventura County, and parts further North like Sacramento and San Francisco. Contact Lance for details.

Why cellular over other options for elevator phone service?

Our copper-to-cellular gateway for elevators is a secure, affordable, and low-maintenance option for elevator owners who need to upgrade or switch from copper phone service (POTS) due to landline phase out, etc. In addition, our mobile solution is compatible with all existing elevator phone equipment, installs quickly, and is code compliant, including ADA standards.

You can eliminate your expensive, out-of-date elevator telephone service and replace it with our inexpensive, cellular solution, the Mobile Connect 2

Serving California elevator owners; HOAs, building maintenance companies, senior living residences, and shopping centers who need to upgrade their emergency elevator phone service.

reliable and low cost elevator phone service

Reliable Elevator Phone Service & Installation

You can save up to 60% on your elevator phone by switching to our Mobile Connect 2 service.

cellular elevator phone - low cost elevator phone line that beats VoIP

Why you should upgrade your elevator phone line to cellular?

Installation is quick; our DBS techs service all of Southern California, plus..

  • Low Cost

    $39 per month, far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline

  • Reliable

    More reliable in emergency situations than POTS

  • Compatible

    Our Mobile Connect 2 is compatible with all existing elevator phones

  • Code Compliant

    Confirms to all ASME & ADA regulations.

  • Experience

    Help support a better elevator experience for your passengers by adopting cellular technology for your emergency phone

Lifetime warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 when service is retained through DBS*

When you upgrade your emergency elevator phone to Mobile Connect 2 you can see savings of up to 60% off of traditional copper service!

Mobile Connect 2 installation is quick and compatible with existing elevator phone equipment!

emergency elevator phone router
  • Far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline
  • More reliable in emergencies
  • Compatible with all old and new elevator phones
  • ADA compliant
  • Helps support a better elevator experience via cellular technologies like video and chat
  • Installation is quick, our Elevator Phone Line Service Areas cover all of California