Save money with elevator phone line conversion

image : Saving you money one line at a time
Info-graphic: Save up to 60% with a cellular elevator phone line

When choosing what type of line to use for your elevator phone, cellular or a traditional landline, we think it should be cellular every time.  Here are a few of the reasons why we feel that way.  

Cash is king, and it always will be.  When it comes to the monthly charge for that line, you can save anywhere from 35 – 75% or more depending on how long you’ve had your traditional line and where you are located.  Most people don’t even realize what they are paying for that elevator line.  Many HOA’s and building owners have a property management company take care of the monthly bills, thereby allowing the cost of that elevator to get lost in the shuffle.  If you’re paying $85 per month for a line that is used on average less than 5 minutes, you are spending a lot of money permanently.  As a solution to that cost, we offer a cellular line for $33 a month so you can start seeing some serious savings on your monthly bill.  

Reliability – Can you hear me now?  These were the five words every cell user would fear every time they used their cell phone.  Not anymore.  ATT has a 92.9% reliability coverage, whereas Verizon has a 95.9% reliability coverage.  Our Mobile Connect 2 equipment to convert the cellular signal to dial tone comes with a battery backup.  So if there is a power outage, your elevator line will still be up and working.  Another great benefit to using cellular is you don’t have to worry about damage to underground copper lines or getting moisture from rain into those lines.  Those two issues have always had an adverse effect on traditional line service.

The final reason why we at DBS feel you should choose cellular lines over traditional lines is this:  the large telephone companies want to eliminate those costly traditional copper landlines.  Legislation has been introduced in the California Assembly reversing the requirement for the large telephone companies to offer the traditional copper lines.  Because so many households and businesses have switched to cellular or internet-based lines, traditional lines are becoming far too expensive for the phone company to maintain.  When the law is passed allowing phone companies to decommission those lines, they will never be seen again.  So when you look to save money, switch to cellular so you can begin to save money today.