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Replace your elevator POTS line with a cellular gateway to save from 20-60%

Contact one of our elevator phone line professionals to learn more about our Mobile Connect 2 elevator cellular solution. It is far more cost-effective and reliable than your current elevator phone line!

On average, our customers see immediate savings of between 20 and 60% per month.

For more information on how to save money by switching your elevator landline to our Mobile Connect 2 cellular service, please fill out the contact form below, and one of our installation professionals will contact you shortly.

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Save up to 60% by switching to our Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone line service.

Why should you upgrade your elevator phone line to cellular?

  • $39 per month, far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline
  • more reliable over POTS in emergencies
  • compatible with all existing elevator phones
  • ASME, ADA compliant
  • helps support a safer elevator experience, especially for those with phobias
  • installation is quick, our DBS techs service all of Southern California
  • We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 when service is retained through DBS*