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If you’re paying $85 per month for a line that is used on average for less than 5 minutes, it is time to cut the cord! You are spending a lot of money permanently for nothing. As a permanent solution to that, we offer an elevator phone line for $39 a month, so you can start seeing some serious savings on your monthly bill.

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Mobile Connect 2 – Cellular Gateway for Elevator Phones

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Elevator phone line sales and installation

Save up to 60% by switching to our Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone line service.

Why should you upgrade your elevator phone line to cellular?

  • $39 per month, far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline
  • more reliable in emergency situations
  • compatible with all elevator phones
  • ADA compliant
  • helps support a better elevator experience
  • installation is quick, our DBS techs service all of Southern California
  • Lifetime warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 when service is retained through DBS*

Here are some more links to California resources we think building owners, property maintenance professionals, and others in the commercial elevator industry may find helpful.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Titles 3 & 4 from the Department of Rehabilitation website are especially important for elevator maintenance workers and building owners to note.

Common Violations

California residents file more complaints about ADA violations than in any other state. The most common complaints are:

  • Missing accessibility signs (including braille), or incorrect symbols, at the emergency phone, entrances, and exits
  • No emergency communication device accessible to individuals with mobility issues
  • No floor announcement or cue for individuals with vision or hearing issues
  • Too steep a slope for an individual in a wheelchair or with a mobility issue
  • More on Saftey Requirments for Elevators

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Having able and experienced industry partners is just one of our strengths. Some of our partners include:

California Attorney – Navigating the legalese yourself can lead to trouble, best to let an attorney help.

Los Angeles Painting Contractor – Looking your best for an elevator inspection is important.

Call DBS at 714-676-7289 to learn more about the Mobile Connect 2 cellular gateway for elevators or use our online Get A Quote form, and one of our sales representatives will contact you.