DBS Mobile Connect 2 - cellular elevator phone line

Elevator owners, copper phone line retirement is here!

Our Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone service is reliable, works with all existing phone equipment, and costs significantly less than traditional phone service. Our monthly service plan starts at only $39!

Let us upgrade your elevator service and save you money.

Older copper phone lines and services (or POTS – plain old telephone service) are being phased out or made prohibitively expensive, now is the time to upgrade your emergency elevator phone to our cellular solution, The Mobile Connect 2.

Learn more about staying code-compliant with the Mobile Connect 2, our copper-to-cellular gateway.

Save up to 60% on your elevator phone line with the DBS Mobile Connect 2

Mobile Connect 2 features:

Immediate savings

Our customers save up to 60% on their elevator phone line after switching to our Mobile Connect 2 service.

Makes and Receives Calls

Full-service telephone systems and telecom solutions for elevators.

Clear voice technology

ENC – Environmental Noise Cancellation, this technology is tuned to remove background noise when using a microphone.

Backward Compatible

Designed to work with all existing elevator phone systems.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our DBS install techs can have your new cellular elevator phone system installed and up the same day!

ASME A17.1 Compliant

2x RJ 11 Ports

For connecting telephones and telecom devices

2x Antenna Ports

For connecting antennas

Nano-Simm Card

Our nano-simm card connects you to our network.

On/Off Power Switching

Easily turn the Mobile Connect 2 on and off for quick resets, etc.

Ac Adaptor or Battery Backup

The Mobile Connect 2 powers efficiently from a battery backup or the supplied AC adaptor

Excellent Reception

The Mobile Connect 2 has excellent reception and further, can be placed in a location that receives the best signal strength.

Battery Backup

Our 3,000 mAh back battery will power the Mobile Connect 2 for up to 30 hours!*

Talk Time/ Standby Time

150 minutes/30 hours*

Mobile Connect 2 Dimensions:

6.30″ (W) × 6.30″ (D) × 1.30″ (H)

Weight = 15.87 oz. (including backup battery)

*Actual talk and standby time may vary with the actual environment.

The Mobile Connect 2 is Elevator Code Compliant!

Contact us and see how our Mobile Connect 2 can save you money and give you the peace of mind you and your elevator passengers deserve.

ASME A17. 1 (2000), 2.27. 1.1. 2 requires elevators traveling 60′ or more to be equipped with a device for two-way conversation (telephone or intercom) between the car and a readily accessible point outside the hoistway available to emergency personnel.

We offer a Lifetime warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 if service is retained through DBS*

Destra Business Services offers a quick and thorough setup of our Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone line service, designed to provide a true POTS replacement in an elevator, offering savings, safety, and security.

Cellular service for elevator phone lines is a reliable and secure way to communicate to and from your elevator car. Cellular service typically provides a more reliable connection than landline or VoIP service, as it is not affected by power outages or other issues that can disrupt VoIP or traditional telephone service.

Contact us now and find out how to start saving right away.