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Socal Elevator Phone Installation and Service

Convert your elevator phone lines to cellular; DBS offers landline-to-cellular conversions that are cost-efficient, secure, and compatible with your existing elevator phone equipment.
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Replace your copper elevator phone line with our cellular elevator phone line and save you up to 60% per month on your phone bill.

Our Mobile Connect 2* device makes it possible to eliminate your expensive, out-of-date elevator telephone service and replace it with our inexpensive cellular service.

If your elevator phone service increased in price or is currently being sunsetted or completely phased out due to copper line retirement, Destra Business Services can help keep your elevator phone connected and in compliance with current elevator codes while saving you money.

Switching to our emergency elevator phone service allows you to upgrade your emergency phone lines to cellular while utilizing your existing phone equipment.

*The Mobile Connect 2 is our cellular gateway for elevator phones and other emergency phone systems. Learn More

reliable and low cost elevator phone service

Reliable Elevator Phone Service & Installation

You can save up to 60% on your elevator phone by switching to our Mobile Connect 2 service.

cellular elevator phone - low cost elevator phone line that beats VoIP

Why you should upgrade your elevator phone line to cellular?

Installation is quick; our DBS techs service all of Southern California, plus..

  • Low Cost

    $39 per month, far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline

  • Reliable

    More reliable in emergency situations than POTS

  • Compatible

    Our Mobile Connect 2 is compatible with all existing elevator phones

  • Compliant

    Confirms to all ASME & ADA regulations.

  • Experience

    Help support a better elevator experience for your passengers by adopting cellular technology for your emergency phone

Lifetime warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 when service is retained through DBS*

Cellular service for elevator phone lines is an economical, reliable, and secure option.

At $39 per month, our cellular elevator phone service is affordable, quick to install, and compatible with all existing elevator phone equipment! The Mobile Connect 2 is compliant with all elevator codes, including 2024 ASME and ADA elevator phone requirements!

Our Mobile Connect 2 interfaces your emergency elevator phone to a cellular connection. You get a dedicated phone line, and it works with all existing elevator phone equipment, from emergency call buttons to handsets and beyond. Mobile Connect 2 service starts at only $39 per month, and our customer’s average savings are between 20% to 60% per month. The Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone service is far more cost-effective and reliable than your current elevator phone service provider, guaranteed.

Why cellular for emergency elevator phones?

Cellular service for elevators is a reliable and secure way to provide communication to and from your elevator car. Cellular service typically provides a more reliable connection than landline or VoIP service, as it is not affected by power outages or other issues that can disrupt VoIP connections or traditional copper telephone service.

Furthermore, our cellular service is much more secure than traditional landlines. With cellular service provided using the Destra Business Services Mobile Connect 2, all calls are encrypted, meaning third parties cannot intercept them. Additionally, cellular service is much more difficult to tamper with than outdated copper landlines, making it an ideal choice for buildings that need a secure communication method for their elevators.

Save money on your elevator phone service.

A traditional POTS line can cost up to three times what the Mobile Connect 2 costs. Our elevator phone line service clients realize savings on their first bill. Starting at only $39 per month, we ask, why pay more for a phone line that rarely gets used but is mandatory in an emergency?

Many HOAs, senior living facilities, and other building owners often have a property management or maintenance company take care of the elevator phone bill, thereby allowing the cost of that elevator phone service to get lost in the shuffle. If you’re paying $85 per month for an emergency elevator phone line that is used on average for less than 5 minutes a month, it is time to cut the cord and see what Destra Business Services can offer with the Mobile Connect 2!

Do you need an Emergency Elevator Phone Line Installation?

Destra Business Services offers quick and thorough installation of our Mobile Connect 2 cellular service for elevators. No more worries about your emergency phone service in your elevator or area of refuge during emergencies or those random inspections.

Even if you already have an emergency elevator phone line, it only has to go down during an emergency before you realize how important your elevator phone connection is to your business.

Socal Elevator Phones | Service from DBS

What type of connection is best for an elevator phone?

When choosing what type of line to use for your elevator phone, cellular, VoIP, or a traditional landline, we believe it should be cellular every time. An elevator phone line upgrade is a great option for over 90% of elevator owners!

We offer ADA Compliant Elevator Phone Service

2024 Basic Emergency Elevator Phone Requirements – see full article – See ADA Standards

ASME A17. 1 (2000), 2.27. 1.1. 2

Requires elevators traveling 60′ or more to be equipped with a device for two-way conversation (telephone or intercom) between the car and a readily accessible point outside the hoistway available to emergency personnel.

ADA Elevator Phone Requirements

If your building has been constructed or renovated after July 1994, the entire building must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA Standards updated 2010 ) requirements.

Two-Way Communication Required

 Elevator cabs must be equipped with two-way communication systems accessible to deaf/blind users.

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