We proudly offer the latest technology in cellular elevator phone lines

Our Mobile Connect 2 device is a cellular elevator phone line that interfaces with your existing elevator phone equipment. This means you don’t need to replace your existing panels, phones, or other expensive equipment.

Mobile Connect 2 – a cellular elevator phone service

DBS elevator landline to cellular elevator, emergency phone conversions

Having a cellular elevator phone system installed by DBS will save you money in multiple ways; First, the Mobile Connect 2 service starts at only $39 per month, far less than current copper line phone plans. Second, there is no need to replace your existing elevator phone equipment, our device interfaces directly with your existing elevator phone equipment. Last but not least, cellular service is far more reliable than plain old telephone service meaning less downtime due to expensive service calls.

Save up to 60% on your cellular elevator phone line with the DBS Mobile Connect 2

Added benefits of a cellular elevator interface like the Mobile Connect 2

In addition to cellular voice service, if your existing equipment offers advanced services like video chat, text services, or other more advanced features the Mobile Connect 2 is the device for you! With 2 RJ11 ports, 2 antenna ports, and a backup battery our equipment and service will surpass the connection and voice quality you experience with regular phone lines.

Cellular elevator phone service is a reliable and secure way to communicate to and from your elevator car. Cellular service typically provides a more reliable connection than landline or VoIP service, as it is not affected by power outages or other issues that can disrupt VoIP or traditional telephone service.

Cellular elevator emergency phones and code compliance

No need to worry, our Mobile Connect 2 cellular elevator phone service will keep* you in complete compliance with all local and federal elevator phone codes including the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and IBC (International Building Code).

*you must already be code compliant, our device interfaces to your existing equipment.

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