Top 3 causes of an elevator communications failure?

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Many factors can come into play when determining what is causing an elevator communications failure; here, we will break down the top 3 culprits.

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    Power failure is by far the most common ailment concerning elevators. When power fails, your passengers are stuck in the car, your elevator communication has also failed, and your riders have no way to contact emergency services.
    The power failure can be as simple as a blown fuse or something more severe, like a local power outage. To ensure your elevator passengers have a safe means of communication when trapped during a power outage, it is strongly recommended that you use an elevator communications system with backup power. The DBS Mobile Connect 2 comes supplied with a backup battery just in case of a power failure.
    Faulty POTS (plain old telephone service/copper) wiring is the second most common ailment concerning elevator phones. From loose wires in the punchdown block or dirty connectors to electrical shorts, the problems with copper wire are not limited to its sunsetting by the telecom industry; some of these phone infrastructures are well over 100 years old. The elevator’s communication system is also made up of a number of electronic components. If any of these components fail, it can disrupt the communication signal.
    Our solution connects your existing elevator phone equipment to our cellular network, eliminating your existing reliance on the copper network.
    While embarrassing, it happens, but this is the simplest to fix. It is important to note that if you are paying over $39 per month for your elevator phone service, you are paying too much. Our cellular service for elevators is safe and secure and costs a fraction of what the large telecoms are currently charging for copper phone service.

It is essential to address your elevator phone connectivity issues promptly to prevent further communication failure. Not only does it put your elevator out of compliance but it can impact the safety of passengers and maintenance personnel. Regular maintenance and testing of the communication system can help prevent communication failures and ensure the elevator operates efficiently.

What to do in case of an elevator communications failure while a passenger

  1. Stay calm. It is important to stay calm and not panic in an elevator communications failure. Panicking can make the situation worse and can lead to injuries.
  2. Use the emergency phone or intercom. Most elevators have an emergency phone or intercom that you can use to contact the building operator. If you are unable to use the phone or intercom, you can try banging on the elevator door to attract attention.
  3. Do not try to force the elevator doors open. Trying to force the elevator doors open can be dangerous and could cause the elevator to fall.
  4. Do not try to climb out of the elevator. Climbing out of the elevator is also dangerous and could lead to serious injuries.
  5. Wait for help to arrive. If you are unable to contact the building operator, or if help does not arrive within a few minutes, you should wait for help to arrive. Do not try to repair the elevator yourself.

Stay up to code, and keep your elevator phone in service with cellular.

ASME elevator code dictates that an elevator phone must check for an active phone line a minimum of once every 24 hours. When an elevator communications failure is detected, an alarm must sound once every 30 seconds for a minimum duration of .5 seconds. Also, an “Elevator Communications Failure” light on the panel must flash until an authorized person attends to it the issue.

Contact Lance at Destra Business Services to learn more about your elevator phone options, the benefits of switching to cellular, and more steps you can take to stop an elevator communications failure before it happens.

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