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The Mobile Connect 2 is a copper-to-cellular gateway that connects traditional copper-based elevator phone lines to a cellular network.

DBS Mobile Connect 2 copper-to-cellular router

Here’s how it works:

  1. Signal Conversion: When a call is made from the elevator, the Mobile Connect 2 converts the analog signal from the phone line to a digital signal.
  2. Transmission Over Cellular Network: The converted digital signal is sent over the cellular network.
  3. Compatibility: The Mobile Connect 2 acts as a translator between the copper phone line and the cellular network, allowing voice calls and data to be transmitted over the cellular network.

This technology provides an effective solution for elevator owners looking to integrate a traditional elevator phone system (that uses copper lines) with a cellular network. It offers more reliability in emergencies than traditional phone services, and it’s also compliant with all elevator codes, including 2024 ASME and ADA elevator phone requirements.

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Socal Elevator Phones | Service from DBS

What type of connection is best for an elevator phone?

When choosing what type of line to use for your elevator phone, cellular, VoIP, or a traditional landline, we believe it should be cellular every time. An elevator phone line upgrade is a great option for over 90% of elevator owners!

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