Is cellular a good choice for my elevator phone line?

elevator control panel

In most cases, the answer is Yes. The use of cellular technology for elevator phone lines is an economical way to provide reliable and secure elevator communications with emergency services, building staff, or anywhere else that your existing equipment calls out to.

How does cellular elevator service work?

Cellular elevator phone service works by connecting a cellular interface to your existing elevator telephone equipment, bypassing the traditional copper phone service. This allows you to use all the functionality of your existing equipment, or enable more modern functions like video and text.

DBS elevator landline to cellular emergency phone conversions

We do this with the Destra Business Services Mobile Connect 2, an elevator phone line-to-cellular gateway that connects to your existing elevator phone system. It allows communication between your elevator passengers and the front desk or emergency services via our cellular service ($39 per month).

The DBS Mobile Connect 2 is compatible with all elevator phone systems and compliant with all current elevator codes!

Elevator Phone Line Security

Cellular connections are more secure than traditional copper lines, and they offer better coverage and reliability in areas where copper connections are being phased out.

Additionally, cellular connections are less likely to be affected by power outages or other issues that can impact copper connections. For these reasons, cellular service is a secure and reliable option for elevator phones.

Elevator phone line and service from Destra Business Services

Starting at $39 per month, our service allows you to connect your existing elevator phone equipment to our cellular network.