How NOT to update your emergency elevator phone

Elevator phone on the fritz? Here is what not to do.

The following image was submitted to an online electronics group we follow. Multiple Las Vegas area hotels had “network” issues causing widespread emergency elevator phone outages (among other things) and this was the remedy.

wlkie talkie elevator phone

It turns out there was a major cyberattack targeting Vegas casinos, there are even reports of plain-clothed employees with 2-way radios riding the elevators in case of emergency.

Another reason to upgrade to cellular in your elevators.

This highlights a major advantage of cellular networks over VoIP for Emergency elevator phones, the hotel does not power the cellular network. Emergency Phones from Destra Business Services would not have been affected as our Mobile Connect 2 device has battery backups and maintains a connection even in power outages.

Consider Destra Business Services Mobile Connect 2 for your emergency elevator phone needs.

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