Our alternative to copper phone lines utilizes your current phone equipment to access our cellular network.

Still using POTS to connect your elevator phone line to your telephone service provider network?

Destra Business Services offers a POTS line replacement solution that is far more economical than copper or VoIP; an elevator cellular phone line!

Cellular emergency elevator phones

Regardless of whether your lift uses a push-to-call system to ring a front desk attendant or a telephone system that connects directly to 911, our cellular service for elevators is backward compatible with your existing copper line elevator equipment.

Copper line replacement doesn’t mean we come in and tear up your walls to remove the copper lines, our technician will simply add our copper-to-cellular gateway to your electrical or elevator room and get you configured. It’s quick, we can get you off copper in one day.

image : Saving you money one line at a time

How does our copper-to-cellular gateway work?

DBS elevator landline to cellular emergency phone conversions - POTS line replacement

Our copper-to-cellular gateway, Mobile Connect 2, does the heavy lifting by connecting our cellular service to your elevator’s existing phone system.

Our wireless cellular solution for elevators is literally a gateway between your old copper phone equipment and the cellular network.

That’s right, no need to replace any of the phone equipment in your elevators, areas of refuge, or other emergency phone areas. Mobile Connect 2 works with all existing elevator phone systems and elevator phone equipment, it is quick to install, and can start saving you money in no time.

POTS line replacement - old style elevator phone terminal block panel
What is POTS?

POTS stands for “plain old telephone service” and is often used to refer to copper line voice and data service; also known as landline service.

The picture on the right is pretty typical of the phone wiring in an apartment or business building. Known as twisted-pair, your elevator phone line is wired in there as well.

Mobile Connect 2 interfaces with this old-style twisted-pair setup to connect your elevator emergency phones to our cellular network.