Elevator Emergency Phone Cellular Gateway

Orange County elevator landline conversions

Elevator Emergency Phone Cellular Gateway

It may be a bit of a tongue twister, but the fact is that a phone line conversion to our cellular gateway for your elevator phone line (emergency or otherwise) is going to save you money right away.

Wireless cellular service for your emergency elevator line isn’t just about saving money on your bill. Elevator cellular gateways allow for seamless offsite monitoring, more straightforward remote configuration, and a more reliable contact point than traditional landlines in elevator emergencies.

landline to cellular image

The DBS Mobile Connect 2 gives your elevator passengers quick access to emergency services, remote support lines, or even the front desk of your office, hotel, or other elevator-equipped building.

DBS elevator landline to cellular emergency phone conversions

Most importantly, our Mobile Connect 2 cellular elevator gateway is code compliant, no need to fear a visit from the elevator code inspector.

Did we mention the Mobile Connect 2 is easy to install and saves you money almost instantly?

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