Elevator Phone Line Upgrade

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Time to reconsider the cost of your elevator phone line (it gets very little use).

save 60 elevator phone

Save up to 60% with our Mobile Connect 2 Cellular Phone Line for Elevators! Starting at $39 per month there is no reason to keep paying those high telephone company fees.

Our Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone line is ASME and ADA code compliant, easy to set up, and starts saving you money right away.

Cellular elevator phone lines are far more reliable and cost-effective than a standard phone line and our Mobile Connect 2 device is compatible with all existing phone systems!

If you own an elevator, run an HOA, or manage an elevator now is the time to start saving on your emergency elevator phone. The DBS Mobile Connect 2 can handle all the tasks of your standard phone with added benefits of a cellular network. Remote maintenance, calls to the front desk, direct connection to law enforcement or security, no problem.

Cut the cord and take your elevator phone line cellular!

Low Cost Elevator Phone Lines