Inexpensive emergency phone service

cut the cord
elevator phone lines cut from tower, cut the cord

DBS is offering Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone service and installation all over Southern California.

If you own an elevator or are required to offer any other type of emergency phone, chances are that you pay too much for your telecom service. Our Mobile Connect 2 service starts at $39 per month, and compatible with all existing elevator phone equipment. With regular copper phone service being phased out, prices for dedicated copper phone lines are sky rocketing. Now is a great time to upgrade.

Our copper-to-cellular elevator phone solution is the perfect way to upgrade your old phone line from copper service while staying code compliant, gaining more reliable service, and saving money. Contact Lance to learn more our Mobile Connect 2 emergency phone service.

Save 60% by switching to a cellular elevator phone line

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What type of connection is best for an elevator phone?

When choosing what type of line to use for your elevator phone, cellular, VoIP, or a traditional landline, we believe it should be cellular every time. An elevator phone line upgrade is a great option for over 90% of elevator owners!